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Anger doesn't solve computer problems... Kate does!

Is your computer giving you a headache? Honest, there is no reason to get out the axe or shotgun until you talk to someone who truly knows what you are dealing with... and how to fix it!

Let's face it, today many of us live by our computers. We email instead of write a letter by hand, we keep our contacts on the pc instead of in "the little black book" and we are watching more and more tv & movies on the pc too.

But when your world is intermingled so tightly with the computer and the good ole pc just stops working right, we tend to FREAK OUT!

Don't panic and do something drastic before you at least talk to a computer technician that can help you. By all means, don't assume that you know exactly what you are doing and try to fix it yourself either.

At Dezigns by Kate, we are much more prepared to handle your disasters than you might be. With over 15 years of hands on hardware repair, end-user software and technical knowledge with a keen focus on teaching YOU, we can help with just about anything. Kate Ericksen, Owner & Designer, allows extra time for each client to teach you what you can do to help prevent problems in the future and how to keep your pc optimized yourself.
Give us a call today and schedule that all-important computer checkup BEFORE  it becomes a migraine headache!
Sample of Services Offered:
•Virus Removal
•PC Optimization
•Software Installation
•Basic Computer Training
•Internet Connectivity
•Printing Solutions
•Instruction for Beginners
Rural Mobile Computer Repair & Maintenance - WebSite Design, Hosting, Maintenance & So Much More!
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